Episode 20

Episode 20: You're Never Too Old For Crayons!!! ft Matt Diskin

In tonight's episode, we're joined by a name you probably recognize but know little about, and if you don't know his name you certainly know the knives he has provided materials for. Matt Diskin is a talented custom knifemaker best known for his recent double action offerings like the Fire, Wheel, or Revolution, but also owns one of the most important carbon fiber companies in the knife industry, Fibersmith.

Matt provides some exclusive information about the history of the ZT0777, and some more insight into the materials knife companies choose. We also get into some general topics talking about his production collaborations and his views on how the custom market has changed.


Diskin VND (can't find any pictures of this one)
Older Diskin art knives    
Butch Valloton and his family
Diskin Fire
Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber
Marble Carbon Fiber
Lamborghini "Forged Carbon Fiber" 
Diskin designed Kizer Toro
Kershaw Strobe
Kershaw Deadline
Kershaw Nura
Zero Tolerance 0095TS
Vanax 35
Zero Tolerance 0454
Zero Tolerance 0600
Sinkevich modified ZT0450
Zero Tolerance 0450FCZDP
Zero Tolerance 0427
Salt Bae Reviews
Adam Purvis Primordial
Quest Customs Kutzu
Teal Delica
Diskin Corkscrew knife
Possible Valloton in Drive
Chris Reeve Inkosi with CarboQuartz

Episode 19

Episode 19: Blue Collar Comedy Tour

In tonight's episode, Dave offers Jake a cross, Levon alienates a good majority of our audience, Brian has to go, and Jake hand-files for your sins.

We cover a range of topics, including some new acquisitions, Twosun knives, the Caswell Morphing Karambit Kickstarter, the future of custom knife makers, the upcoming Massdrop Terzuola collaboration, and more. Brian had to leave us after about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and we had to call in for reinforcements from a fan-favorite guest. If you only want to hear about knives, you can tune out at that point.

New acquisitions: Levon - Brian Tighe Tighe Breaker, WE Zeta, Steel Will Resident, Brown Knives Servo (on loan), Dave - waiting on a Twosun TS69, Jake - his own custom made fixed blade


Cognitively impenetrable memes
reusable diaper washer
Brian Tighe Tighe Coon
Edge Observer documentary on Brian Tighe (sadly taken down along with all of Edge Observer's work)
Steel Will Tenet
Rodney Mullen
"Take On Me" by Aha
Tuya Knives
WE 604 tattoo
Twosun TS25
Massdrop Made Terzuola/WE Knife
Three Rivers Manufacturing TR-1000
WE 803, 804, 805
New Reate/Liong Mah knives
New Reate/Lambert knives
Damon Wayans with a Kwaiback
In Living Color skits (Self-Defense Instructor and Fire Marshall Bill)
Killer Mike (and his Balzano knife)
Cold Steel San Mai cease and desist
Massdrop/Spyderco SG2 Endure and Delica
Super Blue Caly warping
Spyderco Lum Tanto thread with Sal's awful response
Awful lamination line on the BladeHQ/Lum Chinese sprint
Alexi Laiho
Wayne Static and Tera Wray
Joe Caswell Morphing Karambit Kickstarter
Wintersun's kickstarter controversy
"ran off on the plug twice..."
Boxing glove on a spring thing
Lehigh Valley Knife Show


Episode 18

Episode 18: Big Country Big D*** ft. Aaron Frederick of Frederick Knives

On tonight's episode, we're joined by veteran custom knifemaker Aaron Frederick, one of the most colorful personalities in the knife industry. Buckle up, it's going to be a rollercoaster of homoeroticism, self-deprecation, and some fantastic insider stories from Aaron. We also learn about his origins, and future directions for his Trash Panda line. Aaron and his knives can be found on his website and on his Instagram page.

Stick around after the outro music for 20 minutes of behind the scenes raw recordings of us trying to set the episode up with Aaron. It's worth it to hear where tonight's title comes from.

New Acquisitions: Dave - Stedemon Shy V. Levon - Will Moon Stormcrow, Wind River Wild Knives folder, Steel Will Resident, Spyderco Shaman, Unnamed M-tech, CRKT Maven. Jake - Wicked Edge Pro Gen 3.


John W Smith
Art Knife Invitational
Aaron's CRKT production knives



Episode 17

Episode 17: Schrödinger's Tip

In tonight's episode: Dave sits way too close to his mic, Levon wants to swing the podcast dick, Jake details how to know if you have lead poisoning, and Brian details his love brake cleaner. 

This is another off-the-cuff episode but we keep the topics almost exclusively on knives. We discuss our experience with the Work Sharp Ken Onion edition powered knife sharpener, which was provided to us by Work Sharp. In addition, we cover topics like Japanese knives, the new steel tariff, the new Spyderco's revealed at IWA 2018. and a weird Russian knife. 

New acquisitions: Levon - Liong Mah XV, Lionsteel Shuffler, DCB Customs Kitchen set, Purple kitty cat katana. Dave - SBD Mini Typhoon, Rike 803CH, ZT 0462


Peter Steele: "I'm less miserable"

DMX - Stop Bein' Greedy   

Richard Wu selfie

inlaid Mini Typhoon

Raging Jap Knives  

Miyabi Kaizen

Massdrop Chef Knife

Kershaw Atmos

Mad Hatter Disease

Wicked Edge Go

Venev Bonded Diamond

Tech Studio Professional sharpener

"A box from Russia changed my life"

The titty knife

Spyderco Collector's website (IWA 2018 offerings)

Spyderco Mosquito

North Arms Knives Skaha

Ron Flaherty knives (no website, just google them to see them)



Episode 16

Episode 16: Pennsylvanian Hunger

On tonight's episode, we're joined by one of the hottest knife designers in the industry, Elijah Isham of Isham Bladeworks. We discuss his origins, influences, and what's it like to design knives with WE and Kizer. 

Please check out Elijah's work on his Instagram and remember that using coupon code "KNIFENUTS" will get you 10% off from Tackle Outdoors.


True Sword's video for the wakizashi Jake bought

The Brian propaganda picture

Elijah's artistic influences: HR Giger, Zdzisław Beksiński, Brian Smith

The band "Horrendous"

Kristian Wåhlin

Hangar 18 and the terrible Megadeth song

"When you're dead you're done you're dead you died"

Black Knight Satellite


Episode 15.5

Episode 15.5: China D2... Part 2? (Bonus Q&A Episode)

Here is our attempt at an apology for our delays between episodes. But if I got this as an apology, I would probably be pretty upset. 

In this episode, we answer fan questions including biggest knife regrets, whether S30V is boring, whether we're all too spoiled by the current crop of production knives, and more! Expect a lot of the the trademark Knife Nuts Off-Topic Banter® between questions.


The legendary freestyle from Cam'ron on Rap City

Jimmy McMillian of the "Rent is Too Damn High Party"

Become the leader of the Thieves Guild and earn yourself the Gray Fox Mask and the Skeleton Key

Episode 15

Episode 15: China D2 (SHOT Show 2018)

New Acquisitions: Levon - Boos Blades Mini Aero, Reate x Tashi Starboy, Reate x Todd Begg Steelcraft Bodedga. Dave - Zebralight SC64, Kizer T1, Benchmade Mini Crooked River. Jake - BLF Gigathrower, Armytek Wizard Pro

In tonight's episode Jake gets triggered by a screw (and D2), Levon espouses some interesting conspiracy theories, Brian makes some beeping sounds, and Dave makes too many obscure hip-hop references.

We also go over all of the major reveals from SHOT Show 2018. All of the SHOT Show knives we reference can be found here on KnifeNew's overview or here on BladeHQ's YouTube channel.

We also encourage you to check out our new sponsor Tackle Outdoors, where you can use coupon code "KNIFENUTS" to get 10% off your purchase.


What A Time To Be Alive

I get computers 'puting

Data and Lore from Star Trek: The Next Generation

A comprehensive guide to Lil Wayne's poop references

The band sort-of responsible for our new theme music, Rosetta


The bands Kataklysm, Kittie, and Fleshgod Apocalypse

Throw some China on that bitch

That Britney Spears song with the interlude about getting the jewel from the Titanic

Disclaimer: All statements regarding the character of individuals or corporations are intended as satire and not statements of fact. The views of any one host do not reflect those of any other hosts, guests, or Knife Nuts as a whole


Episode 14

Episode 14: #ThrowYourShitintheCreek

In the season one finale, we review the new for 2018 Spyderco offerings and attempt to provide our answer to BladeHQ's 7 Best Knives of 2017 video. In typical fashion, things do not go very well. 

Thank you all for your support, we genuinely appreciate our fans! Look for the Knife Nuts Podcast to return in 2018.


Tom Krein Regrind Benchmade Proper

Duck and Platypus penises

WE Knives 604DS                                                           

The knives Jake sent to Dave

Steve Mnuchin manure incident

Chaves Redencion 228 v3

Trouble Bladeworks

Spyderco Sliverax Rocketship

Spyderco wicker basket hand?

New for 2018 Spyderco:

                Native 5 CPM-154/S90V

                Shabaria (Shabba Ranks)


                V-Toku2 steel

                SOG Vulcan

                Fake SOG

                PPT Sprint Run

                Clipit Tool




Spyderco Jester

Knife Nuts take on BladeHQ’s year end award:

Best value – Levon: Real Steel Megalodon 2017, Dave: Steel Will’s sub-$100 offerings, Ruike, Boker Plus Tech-Tool, Jake: Tecut Zero

Knife that inspires envy: Jake: Sharp By Design Archnemesis, Borka Blades mStich, Dave: Rotten Designs, Steelcraft Bodega Levon: Damasteel WE Knives, Sharp By Design Archnemesis

Pretty quick knife: Dave: Boos Blades Smoke TS1, 2017 Kizer models, Levon: Olamic Swish (Egyptian Swish)

Twice the knife for half the price: Unanimous: Vipon, for their formerly insane Kizer deals

My new favorite: Dave: not the Giantmouse GM3, Jake: WE 714 Slipsteam, Levon: Sharp by Design Mini Typhoon

A little tank: We instead talk about Boker Plus

Perfect slim EDC: We begrudgingly admit that we should probably try a Benchmade Bugout, Dave: Boos Blades Smoke TS1

Some of our own categories:

                Most beautifully engineered knife: Rike and Liong Mah designs

                Surprise personal hit: Levon – Hinderer XM slippy

                Podcast Archnemesis of the Year: CRKT

                Honorable mention: Dave – CKF Veksha, Jake – Tuch Axis

                Worst knife trend of 2017: Superhero themed Cerakote

Printed circuit board Tenacious

Budget Light Forums Giga Thrower